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Carpet Padding

Carpet padding layersBrentwood Carpets Flooring America includes premium 8 pound Rebond carpet cushioning standard in all of our residential carpeting projects. We also carry 6 pound Rebond, which is available for rental property and new construction. Our "Go Green" Rebond padding is environmentally friendly, recycled from foam scraps from the furniture and auto upholstery industry. All Rebond is 100% recycled! Unlike our competitors, we do not recommend nor will we sell a thin, cheap, inferior pad.

We also offer Stainmaster deluxe cushions featuring Visco foam, the same type of material used in Tempur-Pedic Mattresses. Visco foam is also made from those scraps left over from automotive and furniture manufacturing. The top of the pad uses Hyderl, a material that is similar to a surgeon's gown. It stops spills from penetrating through the pad to the subfloor. It also has a patented enzyme treatment that is activated when a spill occurs, immediately going to work on the stain and odor. It is perfect for pet owners and active families. Plus, it increases your Stainmaster warranty by an additional 5 years.

The heaviest rubber pad is available in up to a 22 pound density. It is also offered in a Stainmaster version. Please call us today, or submit an information request more to learn more about all the carpet padding options offered by Brentwood Carpeting & Flooring!

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